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Picking the Right Real Estate Agent

Selling your home or other real estate property is an important decision. Picking the right agent is just as important. Most sellers want to receive the best price possible in the shortest period of time. To accomplish this, it is important that you consider what the agent can offer you and how you can work together.

It is also essential that you select an agent that has an understanding of your neighborhood or area. Your agent should be current and up to date on market trends and what the current prices are in your area. Markets change from time to time, and it is essential that your agent understands the best way to help you price your property in view of the current market conditions.

Pricing your property is important, but in today's market, how your property is exposed to buyers is critical. Your CENTURY 21 Hart Realty agent has the advantage of being associated with CENTURY 21. CENTURY 21 offers an incredible number of tools and programs that enhances the ability of your CENTURY 21 Hart Realty agent to successfully sell your property.

Your CENTURY 21 Hart Realty agent will offer you a full range of services backed up by the CENTURY 21 SELLER SERVICE PLEDGE®. The SELLER SERVICE PLEDGE® is a 21 point commitment to provide you with service that is professional, courteous, and responsive in helping you sell your property.

Your agent is well aware of all the Oregon State Laws and Disclosures that are required. There is a Federal Law that requires a Lead Base Paint Disclosure. There are a few exceptions for sellers that don't have to do the disclosures. These would include, as examples, a bank owned property, a government owned property, or the representative for an estate.

Your agent will acquaint you with a Seller Home Protection Plan. Some of these plans can cover your property during the listing period. They also would cover a buyer for one year after their purchase. These plans will often give the buyer peace of mind and often help you obtain a better offer for your property.

CENTURY 21 Hart Realty has been in the Portland Metro area since 1981. We have agents who range the full gamut of experience. All of our agents, regardless of years in the business, are educated, knowledgeable and enthused about working with you.