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Some Moving Tips*

Whether you have moved once or a dozen times, it never seems to get any easier. Here are some help hints that we hope you will find helpful as you prepare for moving day. Your CENTURY 21 agent can give you suggestions for moving companies.

  1. Possession Is In The Sales Agreement. Orient your planning toward the date and time the buyers are entitled to possession. Having the buyers there with a truck load of furniture when you're not moved is not a happy situation!
  2. Start Planning Early. Once you are confident that you will be proceeding with the sale, start weeding out your current belongings. Toss (or give away, have a yard sale, or sell on-line) things that you don't want to move.
  3. Make A List Of What You Will Need For Your New House. Examples include draperies, blinds, shower curtains, furniture, and on and on! If possible, having those things with you, prevents surprises.
  4. Start Packing Early. Anything that you are sure you will not need before moving day should get boxed.
  5. Mark Every Box and Carton. This will make moving less stressful if boxes are clearly marked as to what is in them. Unpacking will be probably a more gradual process ... that way you will know where everything is located.
  6. Have A Final Reading of Your Utilities. While you're doing that, arrange for the utilities at your new property to be put in your name.
  7. Cancel Fire Insurance. Your insurance should be canceled after closing and after you no longer have possession

* Courtesy of Century21.com