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Helpful Tips to Get Your Home Sold Faster

We've got your home listed and priced right! Here are some HELPFUL HINTS that will help you when you put your home on the market:

  1. First Impressions Are Lasting. The front door greets the prospects. Make sure it is fresh, clean and scrubbed looking. A coat of paint might help.
  2. Let The Sun Shine In. Open drapes during showings. Get rid of burned out bulbs and put in new.
  3. Turn The Lights On. Illumination is like a welcome sign. Get the lights all on before any showing.
  4. Fix That Faucet. Dripping water discolors sinks and suggests faulty plumbing. Make sure the kitchen sink is spotless with dishes out of sight.
  5. Move That Clutter. In kitchens and bathrooms you want the counter tops clutter free. Put things is baskets or put them away. Get everything picked up off the floor.
  6. Pets Underfoot. Keep them out of the way and preferably out of the house. If your home is being shown, and you have a dog or cat underfoot, it's hard for the buyer. Some pets don't react kindly to strangers. All pets are different though, so if your kitty sleeps through company visits, your kitty probably won't be a problem.
  7. Make Closets Look Bigger. Organize your closets to show the space is ample.
  8. Safety First. Keep stairways clear and traffic flow areas open. Avoid cluttered appearances and possible injury.
  9. Bathrooms Should Sparkle. Check and repair caulking in bathtubs and showers. Clean towels are a must.
  10. From Top To Bottom. Display the full value of your attic, basement and other utility space by removing all unnecessary articles.
  11. No Valuables Out In The Open. Put away the family pictures and collectables. You want the buyers to look at the house, not your family album.
  12. Three's a Crowd. If you can, please leave your home when potential buyers come. The buyer will feel like an intruder and hurry through the house. If you must stay, be as unobtrusive as possible.
  13. This Isn't A Social Call. Answer any questions directed at you, but don't try to strike up a conversation with the potential buyer. He wants to look at the house not pay a social visit.
  14. Personal Safety. Don't let anyone in your home that is not accompanied by their REALTOR®.